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From the long-term perspective, Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation has proved to be one of the most successful food-processing companies in the Czech Republic. Almost a half of its production is exported into more than 50 countries on all continents. In 2009, Budweiser Budvar’s sales reached 1.28 million hectolitres of beer.

The modern history of the brewery dates back to the year 1967, when the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic founded the Budweiser Budvar National Corporation as the direct successor of the Czech Stock Brewery, which had brewed beer in České Budějovice since 1895. The Czech Stock Brewery was established by Czech licensed brewers, who followed the footsteps of the 700 year old tradition of brewing beer in České Budějovice (formerly Budweis).

Budweiser Budvar is the owner of valuable intellectual property in the form of more than 380 trademarks registered in 101 countries worldwide. The most known trademarks include Budweiser, Budvar, Budweiser Budvar, Bud, Budějovický Budvar and Czechvar. This immense intellectual property is closely linked to the place of its origin, the town of České Budějovice, which was formerly called Budiwoyz or Budweis.

Budweiser Budvar has reached the position of the major beer market player by way of a gradual and conscientious expansion into foreign markets and strengthening its position at home. The volume of export sales makes Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager one of the most exported Czech beer brands. Presently, more than 600 employees work in Budweiser Budvar N.C.

Brewery Tours

Surrounded by the aroma of the Moravian malt and Žatec hops you will probe into the secrets of how the world-famous Budweiser Budvar lager is made. You will find out how the best quality domestic ingredients, water drawn from the brewery’s more than 300 meter deep wells and top-class brewer’s yeast are used to make the beer characterised by its slightly sweet and delicate taste, pleasant aroma of hops and bitterness that is popular with customers in 58 countries throughout the world.

The nostalgic beauty of the machinery on display will remind you of the rich tradition of beer-making in South Bohemia, which goes back to the 13th century. Come and see how the centuries of tradition are incorporated in the modern technology producing the Original Czech Premium Lager Budweiser Budvar.

Multimedia Exposition

The Multimedia Exposition, or "Story of Budweiser beer", one of the parts of Budweiser Budvar Visitor Centre, was opened to the public in April 2005. The exposition is a vivid depiction of the history of the brewing in České Budějovice.

The tour starts with a large-screen projection which delves into the beer production inside a copper boiling pot. Then visitors go on a virtual trip in the mining elevator cage down to the depth of 300 metres, where there lies a source of unique water for the production of Budweiser Budvar beer. The following Historical Hall takes the visitors back in time to the year 1265, which is precisely when the town of České Budějovice was established and the tradition of brewing beer began. We then stop at a Gothic-Renaissance Log Cabin with the medieval brewing trade.

The Hall of Industrial Age portrays the impact technology has had on brewing beer. In addition, the Hall gives information as to the foundation of the Czech Stock Brewery, the direct predecessor of today’s Budweiser Budvar. The Hall of the Twentieth Century depicts the key moments of the history of Budweiser Budvar. The exposition reaches its end with the presentation of the success of Budweiser Budvar beer in the world and a humorous 3D film about the origin and authenticity of Budweiser Budvar beer.

This stylish beerhouse "Pivnice Budvar" located on the premises of the company Budweiser Budvar offers the complete assortment of beers produced by the Budvar brewery together with a delicious menu comprising of both traditional Czech and international cuisines. Whether you come for a family gathering, a friendly get-together or your company party, Budvar Beerhouse will make you feel at home. The restaurant seating capacity is 96 people.

Restaurant Masné krámy

The 5th of December 2007 saw the re-opening of the Masné krámy (Meat Market) Beerhouse in České Budějovice after a 5 year absence. The event itself, since the historical conception of Meat Market as the most popular beer house in České Budějovice is important for both its guests and the town itself, with respect to travel industry trade. The restaurant is run by Budweiser Budvar.

The former Meat Market was a construction of wood, situated in the Přemysl Otakar II square as early as the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Because of its poor hygienic conditions, Charles IV. decided it should be relocated in 1364. Since many butchers lived in Krajinská street, it was chosen as a new place for the Meat Market.

The new locality proved its worth; hence in 1554 a brick house with a basilica plan was built in place of the wooden construction. Customers would walk through the spatial central aisle; the sides were occupied by stalls. Each stall had its own entrance; either from the street, or the yard. The butcher trade operated there as late as 1899, when meat processing was relocated into new town abattoir on Pražské předměstí and the stalls were sold off.

After World War II, the critically damaged conditions in which the building was in nearly led to the demolition of the building. Luckily, this idea was soon aborted and Meat Market was reconstructed in 1953 according to J. Fidra’s design.

Since then, the building served as a Budvar beerhouse, the fact of which helped the Meat Market gain in popularity.

For as long as five years, Meat Market was closed due to the severe floods in 2002. Today, fortunately, the tradition of hospitability and excellent draught Budvar beer in the Meat Market goes on.


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